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Introducing: GiftPass.

GiftPass offers you a choice of 2, 5, or 10 rewards to book your favourite activities.
Buy one for yourself or a loved one, and save up to 50% on classes.

Gain access to the best fitness classes Manchester has to offer.

From yoga to HIIT training, swimming to pole fitness, there's so many different ways to keep active.
Why chain yourself to a gym when you could be doing something new everyday, learning new skills, and challenging your body in ways you'd never imagined?

Some of our amazing partners:

We only work with the best fitness professionals - the ones with the knowledge and experience to help you smash your goals.

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Making fitness accessible to everyone.

GiftPass FAQ's

What is a GiftPass?
MagnaPass gives you access to over 200 weekly classes in Greater Manchester. Treat yourself, or a fellow fitness fanatic ready for 2017.

What do I get with my GiftPass?
You'll receive a number of rewards to spend on fitness classes on our timetable. You'll also get a personalised gift card in the post.

How do I redeem my GiftPass?
Once you've purchased your GiftPass, rewards are automatically redeemed when the holder signs up at magnapass.co.uk.

When do I get the GiftPass rewards?
Once you've redeemed your GiftPasses, the rewards will be added to your account and valid within 24 hours.

Does the GiftPass expire?
No, your GiftPass doesn't expire... ever! So you can redeem and use the rewards whenever you're ready.

Any other questions?
Visit our main FAQ's page,
or email us at support@magnapass.co.uk.